Bus travel has gained a very important dignified position when it comes to travelling within the country. Bus reservation system has become an important part of the travel technology and travel portal development initiatives. Now a days Travel portal development companies are very keen towards development of bus reservation system and mobile apps, which are user-friendly for the travelers and a source of revenue generation for the travel management companies. Our responsive bus CRS system with mobile apps (Android & iOS), is specially customized for travel management companies, destination management companies, travel aggregators, B2B B2C travel agencies and tour operators to cater global customers.
An online bus reservation system for your website would help in an easy management of reservation, ticket availability and data of the client who are using your online bus reservation service. The customized features that a travel management company can add to a bus reservation system includes route scheduling, display the data in regards to availability of the seats, availability of the seat map for the travelers and the option for the travelers to select their seat from the seat map.


  1. ▶   Easy printing of ticket option.
  2. ▶   Options for view history of reservations
  3. ▶   Report on ticket cancellation report.
  4. ▶   Easy reservation charts are available..
  5. ▶   The solution has a notification facility; it notifies the users about bookings and all through email or SMS.
  6. ▶   User Discounts can be provided to direct customers.
  7. ▶   User Dynamic ticket pricing provides which increase or reduce the ticket pricing for any day.
  8. ▶   Informs users about the cancellation of the journey or promotions and all.
  9. ▶   Multi-lingual support
  10. ▶   Booking report generation of time table and daily bus scheduling data, which help the travel management company to keep a track on their business.

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