We connect customers and travel agencies to more ground-based travel solutions across the world. B2B travel website development enhances the capability of tour operators, consolidators as well as travel agents to transfer their travel products efficiently to other business partners or sub agents through an online B2B website portal. Transcape offers web based B2B travel portal, where travel agents can serve the needs and requirements of other sub-agents any time anywhere without any resources – completely automated. It is essential for travel agent and agencies to operate booking from several branches and sales channel into one single place and for that a consistent management & processing of these bookings is essential via an efficient travel website development portal. B2B’s Travel website development portal is a single point of access for vital travel products, available via the Internet 24/7 to travelers, arrangers, and travel managers.B2B online travel agent that offers a complete suite of travel solutions to the offline travel agents across India. The company delivers its services through a robust and scalable platform and complemented by advanced web and mobile technologies. The B2B travel website development features and benefits include:

features and benefits of b2b travel website development

  1. ▶   Maximum Commission More Profit for you
  2. ▶   Ultra-fast fare search and comparison with built in Analytics
  3. ▶   Instant PNR Confirmation to you and your customer
  4. ▶   Live Hotel inventory worldwide More than 400,000 Hotels across world
  5. ▶   Anywhere to Anywhere Bus Route - Bus Tickets with attractive Commission
  6. ▶   Visa Processing Services - International Experience in Visa Processing
  7. ▶   Payment Processing - Pay your and your customer's utility/phone bills online
  8. ▶   Easy Accounting for your transactions
  9. ▶   Invoicing & Reporting - Customize Invoices and Reports for your need
  10. ▶   News and airport delays provided in real time that can pose a significant travel impact for travelers via a ticker
  11. ▶   Access to up-to-date travel information for safe and informed business travel
  12. ▶   Access to all traveler itineraries and invoices
  13. ▶   Customized travel program information including travel policy and preferred vendors
  14. ▶   Travel management reporting for select staff
  15. ▶   Easy integration with online booking and profiling
  16. ▶   City/airport guides, health/safety information and weather information

Simplifying Travel Planning through Technology


Transcape's goal is to use modern technology to create user experiences that fit seamlessly into a travellers’ daily lives through a simplified platforms they would use to plan the trips.